April 26, 2012

Tulips and a sling.

Are these tulips for real? It was an NYC promenade of tulips and their blaze overawed me.

What else has been making life grand lately? The sling my sister Julie made for me. It makes little Colette a portable packet (a quiet packet too - she sleeps like a wee cherub the minute she is properly bundled) and all the streets of the city are mine again. (We were temporarily estranged, New York and I, when I was certain Colette would catch some strain of hepatitis on the subway and that we would definitely risk baby upset and much worse by wandering too far from home. [No, I did not expect any of that - evolutionary powers are stronger than I ever acknowledged]. That was month one. Now I am feeling pretty normal again. The subway isn't dicey...and Colette can basically be fed anywhere. New York + babies is viable. People love babies).


alpal said...

"people love babies" ... best line.

you two look great. look out new york... (cue very 80s movie montage a la Tootsie)

Jill said...

I love that bottom photo. You're a gorgeous mama Ems.

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