March 19, 2012

Balloons for Stephen.

I was really hoping the baby (if she is real - starting to doubt) and Stephen would share a day together - today. The truth is that the day is probably not grand enough to bring forth two such creatures. I know the one very well and he is a triumph of a human, my brother Stephen. On Saturday, his very lovely beau, John, hosted a party featuring these balloons (bathtub below is the crest of their appearances).

This was the dancing room and if you know Stephen, you know how he can dance.

One of Stephen's gifts - decorated just so for him. A great look for him. I think he is seriously considering the hair - and the earring addition goes without saying.

My dad circulated this photo of Stephen today - taken just after he was born. It made me feel really tender about my brother and the little baby who is coming. Look at those wrinkly knees.


Jill said...

I was hoping for a matching birthday too. Mary Kate and my brother Jeff share the same birthday, and they seem to like it. But you're right...this day might not be big enough for two people of such fabulousness.

Looks like a dreamy party John threw. I so wish I could have attended! Happy Birthday Stephen. You're a favorite!

gaminette said...

Best wishes to Stephen on his birthday! The party decor is fabulous. ^__^

Best wishes to you on your imminent birth day, too! <333

Elaine R. said...
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Xtreme English said...

The new Stephen had fabulous toes, too! I wonder if they still make those infant shirts with the built-in mittens?

Alisa said...

Love you Stephen!

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