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January 14, 2012


My brother Stephen and I have been talking about a getaway for a long time. We decided on Barbados and this weekend. Barbados because last year I traveled so much for work, I acquired enough Hilton points for many free Hilton nights and Barbados has a 5-star Hilton resort. (This is not generally the sort of place I'd choose to stay for a vacation spot, but it is hilarious and has its perks). This weekend because it is technically the last weekend some airlines are comfortable letting pregnant ladies fly (~32 weeks). So here we are (Xavier is also really cool). Enjoying karaoke performances near the cabana at night (we swore Miss Piggy was up there crooning Abba last night), floating in the multi-layered pools. During the day, we thankfully rented a car to get off the resort complex and explore the island. Stephen has been doing brilliantly driving on the other side of the road...

At a resort like this one, no one is in the ocean (except these surfers) and everyone is in the pools. People are scared. Stephen and I are more ocean-ers. The tidal pull here and the waves are really impressive. One of the skills I list on my CV is "negotiating large waves," because I am very adept, having spent my first 2 years of university in Hawaii. Even 8 months pregnant, pas de probleme. In fact, I have dreams all the time about waves. Big ones. Overpowering ones. Being in water like this is really soothing at the moment because I become weightless and I can work it - swim really hard - and not feel impeded by the belly I've grown. I also feel like labor will probably be like waves - I can come up for air in between - that sort of thing. The little fetus seems to like the water too. She moves all around and kicks when I get out. Enthusiasm. She is going to be like her mother. She better be a galactic swimmer from the start to fit in.

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