December 14, 2011

Rio: Do Corcovado.

Of course making the trek to visit Cristo Redentor on Corcovado mountain is a requisite Rio thing. There is actually a hike you can do to get to the statue and I was pining for the hike the whole train ride up when I caught glimpses of the trail on the way through the rainforest. Not many people elect to take that route - even more reason to do it. You'll agree, I am sure, once you are on the train, congested like a snotty nose with packs of ravenous tourists. I bet you would see monkeys on the hiking trail, too. My dad would definitely take that version.

The views of Rio from the top are phenomenal.

Furthermore, there are creatures up there who await your arrival. Rather than an ice cream, candy bar, french fries stop - one of the food joints by the Art Deco Jesus is pure whole fruits. Lined up - pineapples, mangos, bananas, papaya, guava, melons. You point and then someone glibly chops and you are presented with beautifully sliced fruit. So delectable. This little one, with her nose that extended and moved up and down in her search for food was our friend. Xavier complained how much time I wanted to spend with her. She liked pineapple and mango and was so sweet and domesticated. She had a batch of babies just below. I think she liked me especially because she could tell I was going to have a baby too.

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Brad said...

What a gorgeous place. I loved those photos from the top.

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