September 18, 2011

Alexander Hamilton.

It was his day this weekend. It was also US Constitution Day and the day that Hamilton Grange opened to the public. We were awoken yesterday and today by the festivities just across the street - Caribbean music (you know, this founding father grew up in what was the Caribbean slave island of Nevis and came to the United States as a young man to go to King's College, now Columbia, and then became Washington's right hand man in the Revolutionary War), hymns, gospel music and grandstand speeches. The enormous task of rennovating his house was finished and was being celebrated. He built the Grange as a country estate for his family and it was finished in 1802 when all of Harlem was still pastoral.

This dog was totally fascinated by Hamilton's getup.

The house's details have been beautifully restored.

All around outside the house were characters from ~1800. They were great - the lady spinner, the blacksmith, the harp and guitarists, the chocolate makers (apparently, Hamilton and others at his time, only drank chocolate) and Xavier putting a sword up his nose.


D1Warbler said...

What a fun event; and what a beautiful restoration. I had no idea that Hamilton came from the Nevis.

Brad said...

I would love to have been there and look forward to seeing the Grange when we come to NYC

Rosie said...

Do your new neighbors wonder what you are doing dressed so differently than they are?
Can you introduce me to Alexandar when I visit next time?

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