March 17, 2011

Two girls.

At my house when I got home. Two of my very favorite girls. My nieces.

Joyce struts proudly in her green frog boots.

Keeps it up in the museum. We all follow. Grace too.

Marc and Joyce disappear and then we find them in their spot.

Then it is dance time. Joyce waits for the music to commence.

Commence the music, Xavier.


Jill said...

Yeah! Love this post! A visit from Julie and family. How fun is that!

Brad said...

Looks like a great time with those priceless girls. Wish we were there.

Marnie said...

The world stops for little girls dancing in our house too. As it should :)

D1Warbler said...

Julie's girls are darling. What a blast you must have had!

Rosie said...

Xavier, you are one talented man - playing the piano without ever having had a lesson! Joyce do you teach dance lessons? I want to be your first student. Glad you all got to be together for a bit!

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