March 12, 2011

Les quais.

Along the quais of the Seine today I found old spots I used to love - to loll in the sunshine and read books - to sometimes accidentally sit in pigeon poop (it was comical when, after about an hour of lazing today, I looked right next to me at a sickly green glob of it, stood up a little cringing, cringed even more when I felt a mass and started pulling it off and when it kept pulling, like taffy, my grimace turned to a relieved face. Such a delight to find chewing gum when you are expecting poop). The trees were florescent green - their youngest and newest leaves lambent, so thrilled to get out.

And my favorite tree looking out over Paris in a sort-of forlorn fashion - like she couldn't remember how she was the belle of the ball last year and so many years before. Don't worry, you'll soon be adorned too.

And a self-portrait sur les quais de vieux Paris.

1 comment:

Maria Petrova said...

the self-portrait! the cherry blossoms! you are quite something, em jo!

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