January 8, 2011

Today we ventured to a beach where kite surfers fly (Boca Grandi). Watching them, they spent as much time in the air as they did on the water. The water was as perfect as it looks - felt like a turquoise bed to float in with some pretty good surf.

The beach was totally remote. Not counting those two kite surfers, we saw two other people. Part of the reason is that the beach is not maintained for one of the resorts and is remote on the island...so no one cleans it up. It is not a case of people coming and leaving their trash, it is what rolls in from the ocean. Hard to believe. In the ocean, there are floating islands of trash that periodically dispose their goods on beaches like this one. I remember when I lived on the north shore of Oahu, there were certain months where trash would appear on beaches that were otherwise pristine. It was a result of tides and currents. I guess that is what was happening here.

At some point, I got out of the water and walked over to where Xavier was hanging out on the beach and found that he had done some cleanup/arranging. He asked me, "what conclusion can we draw from this line of footwear?" I was speechless. "A far greater number of women than men or children lose their shoes at sea."

And for some reason, beaches inspire Xavier to be in character: La Poule.

Here, la Poule is combing the coconut's wild hair with a pretty blue comb he found among the plastic.

People (Xavier included) do fascinating things with the debris. Build beach houses. Xavier was just doing the maintenance and some bricolage. He can't help himself. (And, yes, the construction hat was one of his finds here on the beach).

Other beach huts.

Full disclosure, I'd like to live in it.

A coral branch I found. I'm going to hang necklaces and rings on it.


Jill said...

I want to go to Aruba, garbage beach and all.

Rosie said...

I say to Xavier, "if the hat fits wear it!" I was going to get you one just like that for Christmas! Looks like fun!

Praco Salfoy said...

The new rule is that you must now take me on these journeys. You are not allowed to keep torturing me like this!

Anonymous said...

Check, check, and check . . . the only thing missing are hedgehogs. :)

Maria Petrova said...

You two... are like no other two.

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