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November 1, 2010

How I know she is French...

Marguerite, as evidenced in the photographs below, is extremely cute. Reason #1. But cute is not exclusive to children from la France.

"Prout prout camembert" is (fart, fart, close your mouth - literally, the cheese). She says this sassily.

Not liking orange goldfish snacks is. I bought a bag, thinking to myself that the little girl at my house was going to love these. "Berk," (with her scrunched up nose - yuck!) she said without any equivocation. What? How was this reaction possible? These are quality snacks.

Putting on perfume after your bath at 4.5 years old is decidedly French. My mouth dropped open when out of her Hello Kitty toiletries bag she produced a veritable glass bottle of perfume and she proceeded to tutor me in the art of applying perfume. "Là, là et là - et puis c'est tout! Sens! Je sens très très bon." (Here, here and here - and that's it! Smell! I smell very very good).

Listing black as a personal favorite color is. Jolina's favorite color is black - said with a nod of the head and very wide-open, insisting eyes.

Never having experienced Halloween at 4.5 years old is. Halloween in her mouth, first of all, is "Aloween". And the other: "treek an twreat" and the grateful reply: "szank yue." She was dazzled by the idea of halloween. Couldn't believe it. Being encouraged to prance around the streets of the city in her princess costumes, magic wands, little purses and all - with painted nails taboot? "I feel like a real woman," she said seriously while I was applying her red nail polish. I felt like a bad person at that moment. Out in the streets with her Halloween basket brimming and her eyes half the time squinting in wariness and the other half they were perfect round balls of wonder, I was comforted. This was a kid - 100%.


Rosie said...

How lucky we can live vicariously through your great blog! Beautiful pictures of love and life in NYC! Kisses to you all.

Malanie said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I am so excited to see you all soon. I love you all! Talk to you later!
Marguerite is so cute and so is JOyce and Grace.

Janene said...

I find this fascinating! Does she enjoy any traditional American foods, or do they all elicit the same reaction as Goldfish? What's a typical snack for her when she's in France?

Adorable child, beautiful family, engaging writing and striking photography. I'm pretty sure I've said it all before, but I just love your blog!

Emilie said...

Janene, Marguerite does love plenty of American things...mac & cheese (made with real cheese, of course)...A classic French snack is bread and chocolate or little biscuits (just not goldfish).

Thanks for your kind words.

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