July 2, 2010

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When we come to Paris now that we don't live here, we often stay in one of Xavier's cousin's apartment. One night we were there, up late talking and Adrien (said cousin) suggested I come visit him at work the next day. Normally, the invitation would have very little appeal - office buildings entice only so much. However, Adrien's office has a special sort of charm - he works at Versailles. He fundraises for the amelioration of the chateau. So I gathered one of my favorite people in Paris, lovely Emma, and we headed to the famous chateau and were inspired by the gardens, the palace and our private tour given by Adrien, who escorted us to interior private rooms. Felicitous us.

And when we ate lunch at a little brasserie in Versailles, we found him. Magnificent.

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Maria Petrova said...

oh Em love the pictures.... They sparkle!

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