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October 29, 2008


This post is officially dedicated to Layla, my wonderful student who found a pumpkin for me in Paris, bought it and dragged it all the way to class to give it to me. I was so happy and tonight I carved it with my two little Frenchies who had never carved a pumpkin before...

First, the Frenchies regarded the pumpkin with disdain when we lifted its little carved hat, horrified by what they saw and smelled inside. To me, it is a divine smell. Pumpkin gunk. I love it.

Then, I spent some time explaining exactly how a pumpkin is properly gutted and carved. Marguerite didn't really get it until we cut the first triangle eye. Then she started liking the whole jack-o-lantern idea. Voilà.

Now, the pumpkin sits on the table, shining its yellow light on Marguerite as she eats (who is mainly just interested in blowing out the candles inside).

Here I am, typing away at my little desk (rust free, I might add - look), and I overhear this little interchange between Xavier and Marguerite and I can't stop laughing, I am almost crying:

Xavier: Les Italiens sont des voleurs de poule...et Martha My Dear - c'est une chanson des Beatles. On adore les Beatles. Martha dans la chanson, c'est une femme - comme Martha Stewart; (pause) elle est un homme en fait.

Marguerite: Non!


Xavier (in a sing-song teaching voice): Italians are chicken thieves...and "Martha My Dear" is a Beatles song (playing in the background). We love the Beatles. Martha in the song is a woman - like Martha Stewart; (pause) actually, she is a man.

Marguerite: Non! (exclaimed in immediate disagreement with a breath of laughter behind)


Anonymous said...

Heavens to Betsy. That is a smokin' hot picture of you at that computer. Raaarrrrr. Wonder how the French would say that?


ps, weird of weirds. The "verification" word below is unmer. A sea. A sea of verification.

la_sale_bete said...

Oh, you're such a cute trio--the quality of light in your new place seems divine in the evening. I love the fangs on ole jack.

Jill said...

I love the sharing of cultures that's occuring with your little Frenchies. That little Marguerite is super, duper cute and looks to have an abundance of personality. I think we would like each other.

Love You Em.

Julie said...

Em - I hope you saved the seeds to sprinkle them with salt and then roast them for an even better suprise for the Frenchies. I loved this post. It was delightful. Everytime I see pictures of your place I want to come and be there with you. Thanks for sharing it on the world wide interweb.

Aralena said...

Emilie, I'm so happy that you got your Jack-O-Lantern fix! She's a beaut. I thought of you yesterday when we came across an artist carving political pumpkins.

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