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July 15, 2008

14 Juillet in the South of France

We spent the holiday weekend in the South of France visiting various extended members of the Joly family. We stopped in Lyon, Entrevaux, and Malijais - from Paris to Provence. Xavier and I sat this morning having breakfast at his Uncle Remi's house and digested the four days. I told him that I had fallen a little bit in love with French people after this trip. It provided me such a particular view into their lives. With Xavier, I was a family member in the French clan and I learned and saw such things. Scroll. You shall see.

Here we are, having a nap in a field in Provence on our trip.

And this is a lovely vintage Citroen 2CV, parked by an even lovelier (and much more vintage) silo.


Jill said...

Hi sweetpea! Your trip around France was amazing! Thanks for sharing. I love all these intresting people you are able to meet. I've started a blog of my own, due to pressure from some friends and family. I'm only telling a few loved ones who actually might care about reading it now and then. I thought you might like to check in when you have a moment. Don't expect anything grand, but maybe you can hear a bit about my life since I get to enjoy reading about yours. I love you Emilie. It was wonderful to get to see you last month.
blog: www.dickeyfam.blogspot.com

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

I love the 2CV..!
A bientot, India J

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