June 22, 2008

Les Tuileries

On a Saturday afternoon in Les Tuileries with Marguerite and Xavier.

Vintage boats. By vintage - I mean they have been sailing these waters since the people of France were permitted access to these gardens circa 1789.

Marguerite and her obsession with caillous (pebbles). At every park, regardless of anything else, she finds pebbles and collects them, stores them in her pockets, or generously distributes them to everyone around, including park benches. Here, she liberally donated her entire collection to the fountain waters. (Then spent a moment indulging in regrets).

Deciding to abandon her doubts, she danced.


Julie said...

Marguerite is so lovely and mischievous - I can't wait to meet her. Do you think she'll find me dull because I can't really speak French?

Emilie said...

Heck no. She doesn't really mind that her pronunciation trumps mine already and she just likes people who will smile and laugh and "faire les betises" with her (make mischief). She is going to love you and Joyce. She likes smaller people than her.

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