May 5, 2008


We drove up a long, straight drive along a vineyard to one chateau and there, waiting for us to arrive, were two "seeing-eye ponies" (miniature-sized ponies that we Johnsons have deemed perfect for said task), and one very endearing young lab. Like many others, the chateau was apparently privately owned, and the dog and ponies had free reign. The little black fella follwed us all around the shabby grounds of the once-stately chateau as we explored. He pursued us up the winding stairwell that led nowhere and slipped on each stone step, with his awkward puppy body and his paws he didn't quite yet know how to handle. He would run back and forth between me and Xavier wherever we were separately surveying, his eagerness brimming over - my favorite feature of this species.

At another little chateau (that was not really worth seeing), there was something else that definitely was worth seeing: a cat in a diaper. He looked livid.

1 comment:

Maria Petrova said...

"his eagerness brimming over" : )

and i love the cat in the diaper, it's his last pouvoir to be livid!

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