March 21, 2008

Fake Businessmen

Ever since I arrived in Paris, I've noticed a certain phenomenon. Fake businessmen. They are everywhere. In the metro. In restaurants. Walking across bridges. Walking and sitting under bridges. In parks. In department stores. And definitely where I teach everyday.

What do I mean by this classification? A fair question.

I mean men who wear suits everyday, but ostensibly have no meetings at all. Men who wear the same suit everyday, who sit in brasseries at peak business hours staring out the windows at legs who pass by. Men in suits who randomly outstretch their arms to make airplane wings in the tunnels of the metro while walking amidst crowds of people. Middle-aged men in cars (and suits), who should act respectably, but banter like 13 years-olds out their window at stop-lights. I mean men in suits riding razer scooters to 'work.'

I also mean men in my classes who have been unemployed for up to 5 years and who claim to be heavy on the job search. Notwithstanding, their shoddy suits continue on.

I mean this:

Take a closer look:

What guy in a suit does not have a cell phone?

I guess my main question is, under these circumstances, why wear a suit?


Gypseysdog said...

That is the funniest thing I've read in eons. Good work lass!

Emilie said...

cool. i am pretty sure you've seen these types all over the city also.

what do you do in paris?

Anonymous said...

interesting, I never noticed this phenomenon, but you're right!

wearing the suit= keeping dignity intact?

Emilie said...

perhaps c'est ca lauren. although i'm still sure sure...

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