July 21, 2015


On France's west coast, there are wide white-sand beaches that look like Cape Cod in many ways. The ocean is polar - so cold - even in July; the sea is coarse. Surfers like this coast. We were near Bordeaux - a bit northwest - in Lacanau. Sand, a sea town, ice cream and, of course, a grand carousel (manège).

Marguerite had been saving her allowance for this vacation. She had a little satchel of money and scoured the seaside shops as we would walk past, always on the hunt for some special trinket. She ended up buying Colette a little necklace and bracelet with her money - a good illustration of the stretch of her heart. Later on our trip, Colette broke the necklace and Marguerite meticulously gathered up all the little beads and strung it back together again for her sister.

Manège! Manège! Manège! was the chant. Intonation: thrill. I liked the manège because it was straight from 1900. Colette and Marguerite rode at least half the horses on this thing by the time we left Lacanau. From the second tier of the carousel, you could catch sight of boats way far out on the horizon in the sweep of sea below.

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