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February 2, 2015

Our house.

Xavier has a thing for our house. If Colette doesn't know where Papa is, she asks, "Is he brigolage-ing?" Probably so, Colette. He recently finished this bathroom, which is on the 3rd floor, and it was the last bathroom to be done. I love the tiles on the floor and am going to start doing yoga up here - the floor space is big! The truth is, our house is a major project - "evergreen" - as Xavier likes to say - and he is constantly tuning things up, maintaining, improving. Thanks to him and his constancy the house is taking on a life of its own. When we unlock the front door, it envelops us and buffers us, separating our family from the city externally. I've realized with children that having a refuge from a force like New York City is really essential. I have never been a home body. Xavier is much more than I am. Some big fights have circled around the competing priorities of investing money in a house (Xavier) - or investing in travel (me!), but by breathing life into the house, I've learned to roost with the babies and give thanks for our place.


Jill said...

Beautiful job, X. Home can be so wonderful, especially with littles. I love coming to your beautiful home!

Rosie said...

I agree with Jill! Xavier - you are a master - really such an amazing job! I especially love the little model - hugs!

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