February 8, 2015

A Sunday in February.

The day started out pretty well. Mainly, Marguerite is back from Paris. Matching outfits, for sisters who sometimes live an ocean apart. Lounging about, playing games and hide and seek. Leaping, flying - Marguerite is in top form and lanky and lankier, just like her papa. And then an outing - to paint ceramic miniatures. Even with the same outfit, it is fair to say their painting styles - and a few other things - were pretty different.

Flying, falling.

Twin doors too.

It all ended with an evening of fun - antics for all. Romy too. Quite a troupe.


Rosie said...

I love the intense concentration in the painting session! Love these girls!

Anonymous said...

Flying falling too funny

Julie said...

What a lovely trio of girls. It must be magical when Marguerite comes to NYC. -John

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