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December 11, 2013


Colette really likes a few random things on the iPad - Chapi Chapo (hilarious French '70s claymation), the Aristocats, Petit Ours Brun and Totoro (Hayao Miyazak). We love little Mae in Totoro - her pigtails and sassy voice - Colette and Mae have a lot in common (Marguerite thinks Mae looks a lot like Colette). Colette likes to request the scene where Mae meets sleeping Totoro - and sits on top of him. Tonight Colette insisted on bringing her own Totoro (thanks, crazy Papa for such a stuffed animal) on our bed and reproducing the scene while watching on the iPad. Cracked us up.


Jill said...

We love Totoro at our house too. I think it was actually one of your siblings who introduced him to us.

Amber Larson said...

She is SUCH a beauty!

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