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July 12, 2012

Check these two out.

Mushrooms. Hats, of course, found by Xavier. May I also say that children's clothing in France is just a dream? We went shopping for the little Miss (it is, after all, July and July means Les Soldes - massive sales all over France) and walked into a land where hot pink and ruffles do not rule everything, where the exact same baby items are as cute for boys as they are for girls (lots of grays and neutral colors - stripes, etc) and the same rules of good taste that apply for adults also apply for children's clothing (no cartoon characters superimposed on every surface - just nice cottons and linen, simple flowered prints, maybe small polka dots - lots of white, pastels). I wished half the things were made in my size. (The hats are actually not hats at all, just little cotton hampers to put socks and things in. But they fit Xavier and Colette's heads consummately - and only Xavier would pick up on such a thing).


Terri said...

Absolutely love this picture! I laughed out loud..

PeregrineBlue said...

i so love you and hold you all very close to my heart. true lovers of life. as it should be in all its multi phacets and colors.
enjoy the ride.
colette is a true joy to watch grow.

Jill said...

I'm so glad those aren't hats. I was so confused!

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