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April 9, 2011


Found sitting on the plaza of the next-door building, the Seagram (which is itself a Philip Johnson and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe work of art). Urs Fischer, Untitled (Lamp/Bear), 2005-6. Cast bronze, epoxy primer, urethane paint, acrylic polyurethane topcoat, acrylic glass, gas discharge lamp, stainless-steel framework, 275 5/8 x 255 7/8 x 295 1/4 in (that is really big). "It will remain on view for five months as a gift of optimism to the city of New York." That, I found very charming indeed - a gift of optimism.

And from way above.

To be auctioned by Christie's in May.


Marnie said...

Good heavens! That'd give me nightmares, I'm afraid. No matter how good the intention *shudders*

D1Warbler said...

I love that he is yellow. A very optimistic color. N'est ce pas?

alpal said...

i don't get it...this disappoints me. but i do like that it is so large and has a sagging sewn-on eye.

Emilie said...

what do you mean it disappoints you? do you have higher expectations for bringing optimism to the city of new york? my co-worker agrees with you and thinks he is creepy, but i really like him.

alpal said...

yes, i do. i mean, the site cites (heh) koonz's balloon dog mesmerizing bilbao -- that i understand/agree with. the dog is mirrored, a recognizable image, and frankly, plain awesome. to me that is amusing and rejuvenating.

i appreciate the large installation, even the large installation of a seemingly ridiculous thing such as a bear and a lamp, but i mean...why that color? why does it look impaled by the desk lamp? how does its sagging face/form bring optimism? to me its trying to be childlike and whimsical but failing. perhaps its different in person.

really, i cannot wait to find out how much it goes for at christie's.

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