November 15, 2010

Fettered ambition.

I came upon them on my walk to work. A huddle of canine friends waiting for their stroll through Central Park. I loved their expressions, their aloofness - so un-dog like. The we've done this before, where dogs are usually oh this! #20,000, but my tireless enthusiasm goes on. With all of those affixed leashes, it is like they've had to learn to forsake a part of their innate being in order to avoid tangulation (as I like to call it). The terrier looks like he could pose problems for all - still a little too eager. Must be a new member of the pack.


alpal said...

a great, and entertaining assessment. perhaps you should consider "dog whisperer" as your next career...canines the world over would be very lucky to have your ears and understanding.

Jill said...

I'm in love with the big, apricot colored Goldendoodle in the mix. He's my favorite.

And yes, you should be a dog whisperer.

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