November 10, 2010


A trip to the Bronx Zoo meant many things for us.

Camel kiss.

Camel ride.

The largest of primates pressed up against the glass.

Madagascarian Lemurs.



Roseann said...


Have you met the peacocks and peahens that live on the St John the Divine grounds on Amsterdam and 112th St?

The area is a lovely way to spend a few hours. And the church is magnificent!

Emilie said...

Will definitely have a visit. Thanks for the lovely suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Emilie, you are a genius photographer, a natural professional. What an eye you have and a way of phrasing images. It's like there's a million words in each one. Brilliant, you are!

Emilie said...

wow. smashing compliment! thank you very much anonymous. all my best.

Maria Petrova said...


D1Warbler said...

You haven't lived until you have been awakened every morning by peacocks! Deafening! Trust me! Their plumage is much much more lovely than their voices!

However, living across the street from them does give one access to many lovely plumes!

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