January 17, 2010


Walking in the park, I felt claustrophobic for these branchlets under the ice. They looked like imprints of something still very alive but pegged, maybe against their will. I couldn't figure out what made them like that - so strange and tragic - lying torpid, immured. They looked like winter and a little like me in it.

Then I walked a little further and found some who were free and had only left a mirage of themselves. The ice melts. Thank goodness.


alpal said...

interesting. i quite like these new york posts. fragmented. dont worry, you are quite right. it does all melt. and soon.

D1Warbler said...

I think the top picture of the tree branch (masquerading as a silver tree of life) is my absolute favorite of all your pictures I have seen so far.

Absolutely glorious!

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