January 11, 2010

Bright Room.

A highly talented and beautiful friend in Paris has long toiled on a theater project, which has now come to tremendous fruition. Hillary Keegin translated Tony Kushner's play, A Bright Room Called Day, into French, cast it, and is directing and performing in it. It is on stage from tomorrow, January 12th through the 17th in the 11e in Paris. I attended a reading of the play, which of course showcased the actors and their absorbing talents, but didn't include the scenography by Mounir Fatmi - which should be equally impressive. I wish I were going to be there to see a real performance. The play is set at the very end of the Weimar Republic in Germany, on the brink of the Nazi rise - at a moment of political turbulence and for some, lassitude. The play is a call to action in modern times and Hillary's translation and her troop of actors (including Hillary herself - she is American and is performing a pivotal role in the play in French with total supinity - this is a feat to be admired) are most compelling.

Mardi 12 au dimanche 17 janvier 2010
au Théâtre de la Boutonnière!

20h Théâtre de la Boutonnière
25 rue Popincourt, Paris 11e.

Réservations: 01 48 05 97 23
Métro: St. Ambroise, Voltaire ou Bastille
Site: http://la.boutonniere.free.fr/


Unknown said...

Thanks Emilie!

And did you notice today's date can not only be written as a palindrome, but is binary?!

01/11/10 !!

Emilie said...

you're the coolest aaron. wish we could go for a kurdish sandwich together.

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