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October 1, 2008


If you know me, you know how I feel about Paris' grayness. Last winter, it was particularly oppressive. At some point, when there was a sunny day, I would almost resent the fact that the sun shone. I felt like it was just teasing me, reminding me what I didn't have. It was mean and fickle.

The gray skies are back. Maybe not. We did have divine weather in September, but I hear the pummeling rain on my windows and I sense that it's here again. It is alright. I've always associated fall with crisp air and crunchy leaves, and winter with snow, but I can make new connections. Rain for both. Not so bad if you twist it around in your brain. And look at that building - it just wouldn't do with a brilliant blue sky framing it. It was destined for gray.

In my defense (because I usually get criticism when I write something that is less than optimistic), I really like Paris (finally). I like my job. I like my friends. I like the things I get to see all the time. I want to be here. I feel more and more like myself in French and around Frenchies (miracles do happen even in this day-and-age). It is just going to take me a few more seasons to like the undying gray of fall and winter.


Jill said...

Gray is really fashionable this season. I'm looking for the perfect pair of gray shoes to go with my gray pencil skirt.

Anyway, I'm just happy that you are feeling more at home. I've said that before, but I'm really glad. I don't like you being sad and homesick.

Julie said...

Em - that picture is gorgeous. Gray is hard. It's amazing what beings of the earth we are - we can feel we're so insulated by our modern lifestyles, but actually the world and the weather still affects us profoundly. I love you bad

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