December 4, 2016

Îles du Frioul

Since we arrived this summer, I haven't spent much time exploring Marseille. Objectively a burgeoning urban spot (lots of renovation and new cultural sites); there is much to discover there. And it is so close. I'm just not that interested in city spaces, though. Maybe I got soused with 'city', spending the past 10 years in New York/Paris.

So I continue my hunt for wild places.

Les Îles de Frioul: a spot I can't wait to get back to the minute it warms up to swimming weather again. A short ferry ride from the Vieux-Port de Marseille to the truly wild. I went with a friend one day and was impressed with how barren and removed the group of islands are, despite being so close to Marseille. The day was windy and cold, the sun blinding. I imagine the coastline waits unvaried for the summer months - the rock and water, just the same tones.

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