January 25, 2015


Going out is a negotiation with this one - friends zipped into her jacket usually pave the way.

Colette is obsessed with bandaids. Nightime ritual includes the bath, pajamas, stories and strategic placement of up to 3 bandaids on her body. She looks at us gravely and says, "I have a serious booboo".

Jammin is Colette's new friend. Along with Bindia. She checks their location on googlemaps whenever she can get her hands on my phone. "I am just checking where they are at, Mama" The other day she informed me that Bindia and Jammin used to be in my belly. Papa too at some point, apparently.

She is poetic and sweet and she gets it. She sat gazing up at my mom and brother Andrew as they unstrung the lights in rounds from the Christmas tree. She was quiet for a while. Then, "I am sad." I asked her why. "Because it is over."

Good Colette lines:

"Don't panic. I will come straight away"

"I'm a little worried about crocodiles and cows"

"Grandpa is my girl" (after spending a week with Grandpa and hearing him say that to her a lot)

"I will find an idea"

"Never never never never never never never" (Intense voice, wide venomous eyes - tapping on Romy's chest, very close up to her dear baby sister)

"I think I can smell her" (One night before I came home from work and Xavier said he though I was on my way)


Aralena said...

These Colette-isms are all amazing. "Grandpa is my girl" !! Hilarious and so perfect. What a treasure she is, your petite Colette.

Brad said...

This is one of my favorite posts. She is truly precocious and an absolute delight.

Jordan said...

Jammin! Love it.

Emilie said...

You know, Jordan, "Jammin" is straight inspiration from Meredith - I think. Singing that song got Colette's mind geared toward Jamaica. Now Bindia and Jammin are both from Jamaica when we ask.

Jill said...

She sure provides so good entertainment, that one.

PeregrineBlue said...

i cannot tell you how much, midst the chaos of daily life, your world means to me. I might disappear from time to time, but you are all a part ot me, deeply. That Colette phrase: I can almost smell her just sums it all up in my love for your world. I have such a soft spot for Colette, what a blessing she is for so many of us. She is yours, but belongs to all of us in her wisdom. Lucky you to have her 24 hrs. a day

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