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November 10, 2013


We had a special outing with a small visitor today - a French beagle puppy (2 months old). This puppy took Colette for a spin. First, the dog's name is Bingo. Colette is a big fan of a certain song by the same title and the dog was like a direct transfer of the song into a live being in front of her. She kept repeating Bingo, Bingo, Bingo over and over again like a chant - convincing herself of the verity of it all. Once she engaged with Bingo, though - down on the ground at about the same level as the little one - her Bingo chant was a mixture of trepidation and attraction. Magnetic repulsion. She was terrified of his little whetted teeth and his yip and hurried breathing and movements and yet, she cried when hoisted up on our laps or arms away from little Bingo.


Rosie said...

Perhaps Colette would be less intimidated if she was standing up! Puppy love is hard to take on the ground level you know!

Xtreme English said...

Wise words!!

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