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January 25, 2011


And on another floor in our house lives my brother Marc. This is the part of the house that needs the most work done, like everything. It is the highest floor and it is really unnecessary at this point, so Marc is taking advantage of that. He doesn't mind the disrepair (and, in fact, he'll be part of the solution). He is content to sit, chew gumballs into perfect globose forms and wrap them in bandaids. He's an artist and this is, one-day-very-soon, going to be an installation in a very famous gallery (details forthcoming).

For this project, he purchased 18 pounds of gumballs. Traveling from the various places he has called home this year - one thing was constant, his backpack full of pink gumballs.

My jaw is getting tired, he said last night very seriously.

Do you think they read as candy? (also very seriously).

It was like he had an assembly line going - laid out on the bed with his computer propped up on the chair in front of him so that he could watch Extras while doing his work: bandaids/bandaid wrappers to one side; opened bandaids hanging in a line on the chair in front of him (for ease and efficiency); the big plastic bag of gumballs; a plate with perfect round, chewed balls and then the final product. Awesome.


Maria Petrova said...

GO MARC!!! Brilliant project. I can't wait to meet you.

Jill said...

My jaw is hurting just thinking about chewing all that gum. Also, I'm going into sugar shock!

I can't wait to see the finished product. Maybe I'll have to plan a visit to NYC while your exhibit is up and running. Let me know when it is.

Anne said...

Seems like he kind of missed the moment to have all your sibs, their spouses, kids, and your parents create a giant familial assembly line over the holidays. Or would that defeat the purpose?

Emilie said...

exactly anne!

or maybe it does have to be his own saliva...i'm going to inquire.

Marnie said...

Those chewed wads on the plate look like mouse brains! Yeah, I'd check whether it needs to be his own work, and if not, have a neighbourhood gum-fest. Invite every child within a 5 block radius! Just not the ones who tend to swallow it.

Good luck, Emilie's brother!!

Maria Petrova said...

Marc, please contact me — I work for Band-Aid®; we may be able to donate a bunch of bandaids for you. Em has my email.

Brad said...

This is a great post. Good to let everyone see art being made. I want to see what the final product looks like.

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