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January 8, 2011

In a Day.

So what have we found in Aruba so far? Sun ✓. White sand beaches ✓. Tourist traps with obscene resorts and lots of exposed belly fat and men in yellow speedos ✓. Blessedly remote beaches ✓. Delicious 85 degrees while snowflakes fall on New York City ✓. A dog cemetery on the beach ✓. Reptiles (including serpents) ✓. Aeolian power ✓. Exploded vehicles ✓. Cacti ✓. Donkeys ✓. Chocolate mousse ✓.

Pets must be highly loved here in Aruba - dead and alive. Shuddered only a little - the nearby beach was somehow comforting.

Poor snowflake.

When we saw the aeolian windmills from afar, we decided we had to go stand underneath them, which required taking a cacti-laden trail and turning a blind eye to a "forbidden zone sign." We were, apparently, entering a military practice firing zone. We decided to chance it.

Please note Xavier hugging the windmill from below.

Exploded vehicles. They must have been using some serious machinery.

Although we were a little nervous about being made moving targets, we were even more nervous about these bees.

Visiting friends. We hoped that despite where they live, they are never used as the stuff for the target practice.

We finished such an adventure at The Flying Fishbone - a must if you venture to Aruba.

This is where your feet abide while you partake in fresh red snapper.


Lacey @ The Road is Life said...

I love that pic with the cacti and smoke stacks-- what an image!

Clint said...

That sounds and looks like a pretty nice day!

Brad said...

Love this update -- especially the photo of Xavier in the car. Looks like a very interesting place.

NatinHarlem said...

Can you reccomend a non touristy place to stay there? Planning some holiday vacation 2011 and inspired by your photos!

Emilie said...

hmmm...NatinHarlem. I don't know if I would honestly recommend Aruba. It is so touristy. As you can see from my photos, you can go off the trails and find great stuff, but you are sort of inundated with the big resorts/motels otherwise.

I can recommend without any equivocation Cat Island in the Bahamas. Unbelievable. I wrote about it on my blog last year. (Look at Cat Island as a topic or search it and you will find the post - the hotel is listed, everything). It was to die for and the least touristy experience I've ever had on an island.

Emilie said...

NatinHarlem - the link for Cat Island is one of the labels on my blog now.

And I actually don't think I ever mention where we stayed. It was Ferandez Bay Village Resort..we would recommend with ten stars

Marnie said...

That field full of cacti looks as though they're all turned to start at the "impostors" in the background, chugging smoke into the air! Classic :)

Anonymous said...

What's with the snarky comment about body fat and speedos on Aruba? After all, you're posting pictures of your tres pale epouse in full Robinson Crusoe mode...

Your pictures are very nice, but slightly less enticing to the viewer when duly accompanied by an obligatory, hipper-than-thou attitude.

Emilie said...

I'm going to be on the watch for my hipper-than-though attitude (which is, by no means, obligatory). Thanks for the feedback.

Perhaps you could post a name next time to accompany your rather snarky comment.

Thankfully, coming back from Aruba, mon epoux is far less pale... :)

Maria Petrova said...

Absolument smachant!

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