September 7, 2009

This weekend.

First, it was an opening party at an exquisite boutique on rue St. Honoré, Astier de Villatte, where you can buy these sort of dishes (the sort everyone will drool on - photo below from their site - go there, you will love):

My presence there can only be explained by John Derian's (Stephen's), featured here, who was in town for the week for a trade show:

As we floated through the gathering, everyone wanted a chat with John. I felt very popular as a result. The neat thing about John is that you can also get these dishes, as well as his own lovely things, at his store in New York (6 East 2nd Street). Oh go there too. There are a lot of other neat things about him as well. For example, John is a master at any sort of game involving small tiles with letters on them. You will be beaten handily if you try to win. Another example might include his propensity to occupy the most splendiferous spaces. He has impeccable taste. That is why he has a company called John Derian and people believe him and want to buy his things.

This large ball was also in attendance.


Jill said...

I remember going to that shop! I think it's the one you took me too? It's a beautiful shop.

Oh dear, I hope when I finally get to meet John he won't ask me to play scrabble. I'm terrible at it! But, I do hope to see his store and other decorated spaces. So fun to have a visit from him in Paris.

Michelle said...

Hey, Whatever the large ball is having.....mine's a double straight up.

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