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September 28, 2009

Le Kong.

Such a restaurant. Il faut y aller. Really should go. Paris hot-spot for quite some time, but it still beckons a nice crowd and serves divine food à la Paris/Tokyo hybrid variety. On the 5th and 6th floors of l'Immeuble Pont Neuf, the view is as winning as the food.

And our company won it all - Emma and Davide. Emma, our British component - refined and beautiful. Davide, the Italian man - who loves his motorbike and trendy spots in Paris. Xavier, yes the Frenchman who, even here, ordered fois gras. And me, l'Americaine who marveled at it all - positive and smiling. Xavier remarked that we were indeed good representatives of our respective nations.

KONG | 1, rue du Pont Neuf 75001 Paris


Jenny said...

Hello Emilie,

I meandered into your site, well, by now I don't know how. I have found a couple of expat blogs through Tongue in Cheek, so probably through there. Your blog is completely lovely. Blessings to you and your Xavier. I am a "step-mommy" too along with now a 3 year old my husband and I have together. Your family is precious, thank you for sharing, the wonderful insights of Paris that I probably won't see anytime soon, and your gorgeous pics. Happy blogging.

Emilie said...

HI Jenny, Thanks so much for stopping here and for your kind words! Blessing to you all...ej

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