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December 7, 2008


And then there was Gaudi. You can't go to Barcelona without leaving speechless thanks to him. I still raise my eyebrows and my eyes get big thinking about what I saw.

Sagrada Família (Barcelona's most-recognized face - begun in 1882 and to be completed (in theory) around 2020). Check it out. Like those drip sandcastles at the beach.

To get to the top of the spires inside the cathedral, I took an elevator with a herd of Chinese tourists. It was very charming when we arrived at the top and through the window of the elevator shone the setting sun over the city. There was a unanimous cry - almost a hymn coming from the Chinese people all at once, sucking the air out of the inside of the elevator.

Gaudí's genius was even clearer after seeing the interior of the church. Inspired by so many organic forms, it left me speechless.

Then, roaming the streets of Barcelona, I stumbled on this house of his:

Notice the windows, how they look like dead fish and they even had Salvador Dali-like mustaches!

Then finally, Park Güell. Look:

You could see his inspiration all around...


Jill said...

I'm so envious of you right now I can hardly see straight. I can't even use the toliet by myself, let alone travel to another country and enjoy the sights while I think deep thoughts!

Thanks for sharing though. If it wasn't for you and your amazing photography and interesting insight, I may never get to see or experience, even a little, these breathtaking places.

oh, how I wish I could accompany you on your travels!

Emilie said...

at first i thought you meant you had suddenly become incontinent, but then it was clear it was a reference to the omnipresence of the twins. but i was laughing hard jill. come to paris. it is final - this spring you will be here using my toilet with no invasions whatsoever!

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