⪧ We left our life in New York City to make a new one in Provence ⪦

November 17, 2008


While Stephen was here...

We ate this:

We did not eat this:

We rode bikes:

And saw hanging chandeliers in the streets of Paris:

We laughed and romped in a mosque:

We went to two flea markets:

And saw a box full of doll's eyeballs:

Stephen bought this and then filled it with bubbles to take a photo:

We were delighted by this:

We were stirred by this:

We were spirited by this:

We were spellbound by this:

And this too:

We gawked at this:

We couldn't believe how miniscule the toilets at Jules' preschool are:

We celebrated this:

We were scared and captivated by this:

And we made cookies:


Julie said...

I wish I was there - it looked like a good time was had by all. And that amazing and awe inspiring things were seen by everyone. I am wishing and hoping that a Joyce birthday bash is in the works.

Jill said...

I MUST come to Paris if it's the last thing I ever do, and I will be bringing Stephen with me!
I talked to him during his taxi ride home from the airport and he's game. We're coming! Alisa is still unsure though, I'm going to try my best to encourage her. Showing her this blog post will help.

Thanks for sharing all your pictures. I've looked at them 4 times already today.

Love You!

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

what a cool mosque, a little alhambra in Paris? Looks like fun with the brother, I wish mine would come visit me!

lauren said...

seeing the world through emilie joly's eyes... incomparable! gros bisous, my dear.

ronco said...

I wish we were going to see you at Thanksgiving, Emilie. I love these pictures and I'm with Julie—I wish I could be there.

Emilie said...

I wish I were going to see you at Thanksgiving JP! Seriously.

Mels said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! I can;t wait to see you all at Christmas, I wish John, Julie, and Joyce and Paul coudl be there but I understand taht we need to take turns, next year, hope to see you all soon, it was fun here in Utah, and I have lots of homework to do, I love coming here and visting with family/feels like home becasue families are forever. That is so cool taht you went to Paris, and it looks like you had a lot of fun adn I love how tyou were danicng for Margurite! love you all

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