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November 1, 2008

La Salle de Bain

Now for the bathroom: the bathroom that we tiled and restored...

When considering where to position the toilet paper roll, Xavier (strangely) has a list of criteria, which in the past, he has never been able to meet entirely.

1. The dispenser should be as hidden as possible. As you can see, this exposed wooden beam comes in nicely for this criterion.
2. It should be handy for women, who sit and for men when they sit.
3. It should also be handy for men when they stand (reachable without bending your knees).


Aralena said...

Wow, you two must have the most ergonomically superior salle de bains in Paris. I am SO excited to use it! Seriously, it's gorgeous.

Jill said...

I love the asthetic of this bathroom and yes, the toilet paper roll is placed perfectly!

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