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September 21, 2008

Fraggle Rock

This is Xavier.

As part of my process to become an American, I was reading the NYTimes on Sunday morning (online though - nobody's perfect), and came across an article about Disney, who is trying to revive the whole Muppet Show franchise. I followed up with some Wikipedia research about the Muppets, Jim Hansen and incidentally discovered who my wife is: a Fraggle.

My beliefs were then confirmed by Emilie herself, who told me that her friends in high school thought she had a strong resemblance to Animal in the Muppet Show. And it started very early.

Hence, I decided to invite myself on Emilie's blog because I felt compelled to make a relevant contribution. These pictures help to illustrate my point even further.

Note Emilie's position in the background of the picture. Julie is reading nicely. Emilie fraggles.



morganne blair witchfield said...

what a creepy show, that fraggle rock. but what awesome photos of you guys. especially the one of (i think?) julie leering.

glad i found your blog.


Jill said...

Fraggles ROCK!

Aralena said...

These photos are wonderful! I love the expressions on your siblings' faces as you spaz out, Emilie. Nice work, Xavier.

Julie said...

emilie was a fraggle when she was little. and even now at times she can be fraggle like but in an elegant way

lauren said...

oh, yes, emilie is a fraggle through and through...
my favorite character was always the dog, though, who keeps trying to tell doc he's seeing fraggles! but he doesn't speak english! poor dog! maybe xavier is the dog :)

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