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September 18, 2008


Gap or lag.

I've just gotten off the phone with my dear friend Sarah. She had a solution for my desk problem, which involved coca-cola. She can't sleep. It is 4am where she lives. Heartening to hear her - to have her voice coming out of the thing in my hand.

But it is strange, having relationships with people on another continent largely by phone. There is always a gap. A gap in timing. A gap in tempo. A décalage in thought. I think differently at night, when I've just woken up, when I've had lunch, when I'm in a rush in the afternoon, when I can't sleep. And it never aligns properly. The person on the other end and me. I'm dead tired when the other person is jubilant for just having finished a long day at work. I'm peaceful and want to talk in the morning and no one is awake to listen or to respond (except Sarah of the insomniacs).

Maybe I'm just going to go cyber. Purely.


Julie said...

I know what you mean - my capacity to converse is different depending on the time of the day or night. But lately you might want to give us a call in the morning there - Joyce is awake a lot lately during evenings and so we just might be up. We love you so bad and miss you a lot Em.

Jill said...

Sorry about the rusty desk. I hate rust and people who won't let you buy rust remover.
The phone might not be the best form of communitcation because of the reasons you mentioned, but I sure do enjoy your blog.It's a decent way to stay in touch. I just wish I got to see you more in person. I miss you and your face.

Aralena said...

I really like this, Emilie. And get it -- distance and time warps between us and the ones we love from afar.

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