July 15, 2008


As a final word about the trip, I was highly entertained by Xavier's constant commentary on other drivers that were driving him mad. (Remember, we did a total of 1500 kilometers ~ 20 hours in the car). Samples include:

"Tous ces gros cons!" (All of these stupid idiots!)

"Ca me saoule!" (How that bugs me!)

"Le festival! Tous ces gros en voiture. Vas-y. Vas-y. Mais non! C'est un cauchemar." (The festival! All these fatties in cars - go on, go on. Non! It's a nightmare).

"Allez les poulets-la!" (Go! you chickens there!)

"Qui achete une voiture blanche, mais qui? Gros con,” (Who buys a white car, who? Stupid idiot), with his hands coming up to cover his mouth and the sharp intake of breath he took when he first saw the offending vehicle.

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Julie said...

Wow - the Joly's sound like an amazing and fun family. I loved the picture of Xavier's grandma. She sounds and looks delightful. I especially loved Gaby. We loved the pictures it was a real feast for our eyes. We can not wait to see you.

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