May 23, 2008


The other day, I was having lunch with my good friend (and colleague), Emma, and was selecting what I would have to drink. At the nice little delicatessen there was the traditional selection of coca, coca-light (as put by the French), bottles of water and such, and then, innocently placed among all the other bottles of things to drink was this:

Evian's Brumisateur, which hydrates, tones and refreshes...your face....apparently, wherever your local drinks and sandwiches are sold.

Instructions for the 'atomizer' are as follows:

Utilisé quotidiennement, été comme hiver, Evian Facial Spray augmente l'hydration de votre peau, aide à fixer votre maquillage et vous procure de véritables sensations de fraicher et de pureté.

Use daily, summer and winter. Evian Facial Spray enhances the hydration of your skin, helps to fix your makeup and provides true feelings of freshness and purity.

Emma shows us the product with poise:

And demonstrates the action with such sophistication:

Here, she turns to Julien (our very comical friend) and atomizes:

Bliss. Mutual bliss. That is the only way to interpret their joint sentiment:

In culmination: GLEE. That is the only way my own reaction to the existence of such a product can be described.

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