October 30, 2018

Skeleton Wedding

One of my favorite things about Marguerite is her constant creativity. She is always in production mode, building and crafting, researching and devising, giving birth to all sorts of new creations. For Halloween she thought it appropriate to orchestrate a wedding between the two skeletons that were hanging around outside our house. Baskets full of costumes, hats, wigs - options for the big day materialized. Each girl carried more than her arms could handle, tumbling down the stairs in a rush to get the bride and groom ready. Wax rings, a veil and a marriage certificate, music from the Fisher Price record player, flowers and wedding attendees. All symphonized by Mademoiselle Marguerite, the great. She's convinced she wants to be an event planner one day...the possibilities are endless for this one.

Love was in the air

Making it official

1 comment:

Julie said...

I love this so much. Well done Marguerite. The wedding looks magnificent

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