May 8, 2018

An adventure to Sardinia

“I’m going to sleep on a boat!” Romy and Colette told everyone they could in the weeks leading up to Sardinia. Eyes wide, breathing deeply in anticipation. Hard to imagine such an occurrence. Then the day came and we all pulled up to the port in Toulon with a similar feeling of anticipation for our week in Sardinia.

We were looking for a new place, for beaches, time under the sun and the moon, a bit of wildness (even more than we have at home) and all of this all together. We drove our car onto the giant cruise liner that ferries people from the southern coast of France to Corsica and Sardinia. We chose the overnight option because the passage is 10 hours and at least some of that could be spent sleeping (fingers crossed).

Once aboard, we climbed up the narrow stairs and up and again each floor until we found the 7th floor of the boat, where our cabins were located. The girls burst into the room and began shrieking. Two bunk beds, ladders, a big window looking out onto the sea, small lights on each bed, a tiny bathroom with a shower. They couldn’t believe their luck. It was like a sleepover and one of the invitees was the boat itself. Paranoid that Romy would escape the cabin, walk through the halls looking for us, see door after door, floor after floor looking exactly the same, Xavier ended up sleeping in their cabin with one eye open the whole night.

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Kathryn said...

This series of posts are stunning(in story and photographs).

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