March 12, 2018


French kids celebrate carnaval. Carnaval was historically the final celebration before the period of lent began in the Christian liturgical calendar. Today, in France, it is an occasion for children to dress up, dance, eat candy and throw bags and bags of confetti in the school courtyard. It is the occasion of the school year.

There was a big lead-up this year with Romy counting down the number of “dodos” (sleeps) until the day of celebration would arrive. The week it came she exclaimed: "yes! It's coming! This week is carnadale!"

Our school chose a theme for the costumes: les pays du monde (countries around the world), which is also the theme of the lessons for the school year.

There wasn’t a single hesitation for Colette: Egyptian. Romy wanted something whimsical in the realm of rainbows (based loosely on some country, I guess).

I arrived early and got to mingle with the kids as they exhaled all of their excitement on each other, along with the confetti.

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