July 26, 2017

Summer concert and a vineyard picnic

Château La Coste, a place where exceptional art is set amidst vineyards/beautiful vistas & restaurants, does a series of summer concerts and outdoor film screenings. The sun casts rich champagne light at the end of Provence summer days. That place absorbs it perfectly. Xavier and I went to see a jazz concert in the Frank Gehry piece there. The art is positioned to respond to the light and the trees and the grass around it. It is like Storm King in New York, but here in Provence. Just magical.

We packed a picnic (in a classic picnic basket given to us recently by a good friend). I am sure picnics are not generally allowed here, but we found a path on the far side of the vineyards and arranged ourselves in the grass, among the escargot-lined blades and the horizon, in its end-of-day flush.


Rosie said...

What a fun date night! Perfect place for a picnic.

fashion survivor said...

I'm in Provincetown right now and I saw your brother jogging! I wanted to say something but didn't want to freak him out. ;)

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