June 30, 2017


Life seems to be made of the right stuff for us at present. It is a good mix of exploration, girls, play and sunshine.

1, 2, 3 soleil - a favorite. Best played while still in pajamas, despite it being time for the goûter.

Tea party galore. Little polka-dot suitcase with a dinette that has occupied these two every day since Colette's birthday (good gift, papa Joly). They rotate being queen, princess and twin. They take the cushions from the outdoor chairs and set a place for all. Serving up dirty water and caillous (gravel) from the garden, sprinkling in flower petals, mint and rosemary - all freshly picked.

Making soup

Garden bounty. Pears - a sweet little pear Jean-Marie (former owner) praised on our first tour of the house. Now we've tasted them! La Poire de Saint Jean (~June 23)

And apricots! In two days time, I consumed at least 75 straight off the tree

A little papa coiff-ing/bookshop on the couch

Morning legs

End of the day light - summers days end this way perpetually. Souse me in this, such a luxury

Performances! Our grand ballerina, Mademoiselle Marguerite, performing at the UNESCO theater in Paris. She is a true talent - hovering over her peers and just as graceful as can be

Colette's school performance, dancing away with the other children of our Provence village. So sweet. Smiling so wide watching her.

Who needs a swimming pool when you have a plastic tub

Little Romy dreamily watching the falling rain. When it rains in Provence it comes down in sheets. Just incredible to watch. Romy is only this quiet when she is observing something in nature. And Colette has been conducting a broad survey on lightning. "Have you ever been struck by lightning? Do you know anyone who has been?" (She remains riveted by events in the natural disaster realm)

Fountains remain a magnetic force for these two

Street performers too. The streets of Aix remain a magnetic force for me

Puppies in Provence! A good friend of mine has 10 puppies! The girls and I went to visit and Colette was deep in love - those eyes

Singing in the rain. Witches on brooms. Raindrops on bare skin. Abandon

Walk down the lane with trusty basket

Emptying pebbles out of slippers next to village fountain. Non potable, but water everywhere

Good news! Madame Maîtresse's fears about Colette's style of writing gone - Colette was awarded "I know how to hold my pencil correctly" in her end-of-year evaluation. Phew!

And baskets of doudous and animals

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Rosie said...

So relieved Colette is holding that pencil properly! Life is beautiful in your neck of the woods. Everyday is an adventure.

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