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January 2, 2017

Romy | 3 Years Old!

Three years old today. Little Romy Danda. Wild - always wants to be barefoot and free. I like her spirit. We go outside and I show her the sunset or a beautiful block of clouds or some trees and every time it is like she's been hit with a blast of elation. (deep breath in) "WOW!" Love it.

She is a good-natured kid. Colette sobbed and threw a fit during Romy's 'party' (since is wasn't hers) and Romy put on a sad face and said, "Poor Colette." Then she convinced her to dress up and play.

And Romy's birthday ushers in mimosa season. Love these winter blooms.


Maria Petrova said...

So. CUTE! Much much love from 18th st.

Floridaze said...

I just love your blog and wait for more posts like some wait for a "next novel". The picture of your little Romy looking adoringly at her sister is the best! You sure did capture that love...I love photography but could never take these pictures as you do. Thanks for keeping us back in the States up on the comings and goings of your life in Provence!

Rosie said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Romy Danda! We are thinking of you! We wish we could kiss those rosy cheeks of yours! Hugs and love!

Terri said...

Emilie, I remember you saying you didn't know if you could love another child as much as your first, but isn't it wonderful that you can love her just as much and their is still enough love to go around. Love you pictures. We are in Albania on a Humanitarian Mission for 18 months.
Terri Holmstead Weidman

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