July 18, 2016


Such a place. We spent a long weekend on this little island in the Golfe du Morbihan in Bretagne. It was a place of extreme beauty: every turn a confession of the haphazard charm of the island. Nothing overly manicured, everything under its lure. We took the time to be together - we ate oysters, rode bikes, marveled at the hydrangeas.

I got up early one morning for a run and found this remote chapel skirting the sea. There were moments where I wondered if I was the only one in the world - a very reassuring feeling, oddly enough.

Romy was a total character the whole trip. She kept asking, "where is my home?" and we all understood what she meant. She discovered hermit crabs with her cousins. They would pick up a shell on the beach and ask, "il y a quelqu'un?" Later when she found a similar shell, she demanded, "where is my quelqu'un?" She found these sunglasses and wouldn't remove them. When we tried to hide them somewhere, "Where are my glasses?!" with a heavy lisp.


Rosie said...

A summer to remember! Beautiful sights and wonderful memories. Do miss you already!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see my in law s house on the 5th pic! :) Mathilde

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