December 3, 2015


All of the Johnsons flocked to Pittsburgh (temporary polestar) for Thanksgiving - every person except Marguerite. Count them - 23. We landed and it was pure animation for 3 days. Getting this picture rendered was worthy of filming – too bad we did not do it. Colette, Romy and cousins were arm in arm the whole time. My brother Paul dressed up as Santa at some point and, with an Irish-Russian-Australian accent, handed out gifts to the terrified/enchanted/amused children. Thanksgiving meal was pretty classic and delicious – Colette had ‘studied’ about it in school and approved the fare. Lots of negotiated baby nap times and getting a big group mobilized. The impressive thing chez les Johnson is the ability to always get outside and be active. Obsessive. Love it. Since we arrived home, Colette has been fake crying at night – begging to go back to Grandpa and Grandma’s house.

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Colette may be fake crying - but I have real Grandma tears for those babies! Cant wait to see you all again!

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