September 5, 2015

End of summer Cape Cod.

We headed to Provincetown/Cape Cod for the "last" weekend of summer. Spending time with John and Stephen and friends there is such a feast - for all of our senses. We arrived late and the girls woke up early the next morning. I crept out of the house in low tones and Colette, Romy and I were across the street on the beach by 7am or so. Bare feet nuzzling the sand - arms stretched out like feathered creatures - I thought I might lose them to delight. Sweet to see how much nature communicates to kids - how we forget it. Their discoveries kindled those memories for me.

There is one particular walk we often take that is breathtaking - it is along the breakwater. The water is bisected by a long rock passage (which ends at quintessential Cape Cod lighthouse - Long Point Lighthouse) - and is often glassy smooth on one side and choppy on the other, more exposed side of the bay. The grasses in the bight are wavelike - oscillating with the wind. We stopped along the path and dove into the water. Tonic. Left us breathless, but in the right way. Romy jumped bravely from stone to stone, holding Uncle Stephen's hand. Couldn't get enough of the challenge.

Xavier brought kites - brilliantly. Colette was thrilled at the idea of holding onto an almost invisible string, guiding a swooping thing in flight above her.

Mostly confident, but sometimes it got scary.

She had good tutelage.

Some of the prettiest light streaming through those windows, framing pretty little faces.

Pure time with family and close friends.

Love these two beauties.

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Rosie said...

What a wonder - filled get away! I love seeing the world through children's eyes! And I love those children❤️

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