August 2, 2015


Venturing from Baugé, there are multiple châteaux within hollering we sprinkle a few castles into the mix of our visits. Saumur, a grand château, not far from Baugé was recently renovated and was gleaming. The setting is really special - overlooking the Loire and the Thouet rivers. A perfect spot to play un, deux, trois, soleil - a French rendition of red light, green light. Vincent (grand-père - or 'grand-pierre,' as Colette likes to call him) is really the very best at it and the all the grandkids love his theatrics when he gets going.

Marguerite and Colette were lucky enough to be chosen (from the audience) to play parts in the local medieval theater production. They clapped and danced along with the guy in his chain link suit. At some point the narrative called for that guy to bow and kiss Colette's little hand. She has been going around, kissing people's hands dramatically since - to great effect.

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